One of our flagship  program, WAVE, has reached the shores of Toyota Otis Inc. And here are two of the reactions we got from social web:

from Tweeter user: @kieransy: Been to a seminar this morning in our office. “Spiritual Intelligence”. It was great! Thanks sir! @sonnie

from Facebook user Jorel:

thank you sir for the motivational talk this morning. Hope other Team Members will get the chance to meet you as well and hear your inspiring story and perspective. 😀

At first, pax cannot seem to relate the relevance of WAVE to their work until this framework was presented

From my 2 decades experience in HR, more or less 80% of the admin cases I handled are behavioral in nature, emanating from the employees’ work attitude, values and ethics. Cases involving skills belong to the new hires who are still adjusting to the job.

Secondly, and the main reason why WAVE is unique, is the recognition that spiritual intelligence will play a major role in altering the usual work and career mindset. This will result to a proactive behavior if taken and embraced seriously.

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