Someone asked, what makes your WAVE [work attitude, values, ethics] program different?

In every program, the framework distinguishes one from the other. And this is where our WAVE is coming from.

First, we factored in the effect of “Pareto Principle” in people management and development, as shown in the diagram below:

Pareto Principle of People Development

From experience, more or less 80% of the admin cases I handled are behavioral in nature, emanating from the employees’ work attitude, values and ethics. Cases involving skills belong to the new hires who are still adjusting to the job.

Secondly, and the main reason why our program is different is the recognition that spiritual intelligence play a major role  in altering employee behavior. If  applied accordingly, this will empower a person to be proactive and maintain a positive outlook to  his work environment and outlook in life.

 Contrary to the general perception, Spiritual Intelligence invokes the use of reason and will. The process involves analysis and a decision. Spirituality without content and reason is scary.

Some feedback from those who attended the session in the past:

” Very refreshing. First time to hear spiritual values integrating in work environment” – Mike Uy, President- Tera Systems

 It was very inspiring and enlightening, and it was a fresh way of looking at the corporate world...” – Germaine Alilio, Asst. Manager –  GW Cars North EDSA

Below is a copy of the keynote presentation for your viewing pleasure:


And here is the youtube video we showed:





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